The former Prime Minister Vlad Filat posted a new message on his Facebook account. He confirmed that he is ready to make disclosures that were previously promised, if the court hearings are be public.

"The disclosures I’ll make are not some news for headlines or posts on Facebook. Ask for the public hearings, as the law says, and then I'll be able to talk and society will learn the truth about what happened and the about roles of everybody involved", wrote the former Prime Minister.

The LDPM leader claims that his case has no connection with the theft of billion euro: "There was intentionally made the relation between the stealing of billion euro and my case. The case on the theft of the billion is completely something else. This case must be investigated: there must be given the evaluation of the actions and inactions of the state institutions, where the people who were responsible according to the law, worked, including those from the Banca de Economii, the Banca Sociala and the Unibank. Those people made decisions that led to the robbery and have benefited from that money. It's not easy, but very possible to establish who really is behind the theft. As like the only relevant measure is the time, the only relevant evidence in this case is the money. As soon as the money will be found, the thieves will be brought to justice".


Vlad Filat is in custody from October 15, 2015. In the previous message Filat wrote that the European institutions and NGOs want public hearings on his case. Several LDPM deputies, members and supporters of the former Prime Minister Vladimir Filat asked for the public hearings on this case on May 25. However the court rejected this request, considering the former PM could manipulate the parties on this case.

Vlad Filat can be punished for the passive corruption from 7 to 15 years of imprisonment and fined of up to 200 000 lei; for the abuse of power he risks from 3 to 7 years of imprisonment and a fine up to 120 000 lei.

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