The leader of the Democratic Party, Vlad Plahotniuc, criticizes the legislative initiative of the Socialist Party on the introduction of a mixed electoral system, as proposed by President Igor Dodon. According the democrat, "The Socialists and Igor Dodon try to go against the will of the citizens, who want the MPs to be elected directly by the people (by the way, exactly as the president is elected!)"

Plahotniuc asks in a post on his blog why Igor Dodon demanded direct elections of the president, but does not want the same approach to be applied to the election of the parliamentarians and he gives the following explanation, "It's very simple, because the socialists’ claims that they are ready for the change of the political class are a fiction."

According to Plahotniuc, socialists respect people's wishes only when they coincide with the interests of SPRM and when they have to play with the geopolitical vector.

Thus, the DPM leader qualifies the socialists’ initiative on the introduction of a mixed electoral system as a fiction and not as a real project. "It's just an attempt to stop the introduction of the uninominal vote, to change the course of the discussion into another direction, to delay the reforms of the political class, so that it remains exactly in the state it is now, when the public do not trust political parties, have no confidence in the Parliament and have no control over the deputies," Vlad Plahotniuc writes.

To support the project of the Democratic Party on the introduction of the uninominal vote, Plahotniuc refers to "one million signatures, public debate and recent social research," and claims that citizens want to change the principles of election of those who represent them, change the political class and have control over the future deputies.

Vlad Plahotniuc says that regardless of the attempts of the SPRM to stop the project and threats to boycott the upcoming elections, the Democratic Party "is ready to give the citizens the right to elect the MPs directly, to have true people’s elections represented by uninominal voting system". Moreover, the democrat says the refusal of the socialists to participate in the next elections "is not the worst thing, I would say it is an advantage to the introduction of the uninominal vote."

Please note that the SPRM informed in a press release that it supports the initiative of President Igor Dodon on the introduction of a mixed electoral system and intends  to register a draft law in this regard.

Moreover, the party said through another statement that "in the case of adoption of the project, initiated by Plahotniuc and the Democratic Party on the transition to the uninominal voting system, the SPRM reserves the right not to participate in the next parliamentary elections and will block these elections by all the possible means."

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