CPRM leader Vladimir Voronin comment on the decision to boycott the presidential election and says that the decision was not a easy one.

In the view of the communist leader, the elections will not bring stability to the country and noted that since 2012 CPRM said that the Republic of Moldova is captured state. When asked who captured the country, Voronin replied: "The mafia clans and the monstrous coalition in the parliament , the institutions working with those governments and parliaments that have been here all these years." CPRM urges to ignore the elections and considers them unconstitutional.

Voronin commented on the topic related to the accumulation in a record time of signatures for DPM candidate, saying "a former member of CPRM, that underdeveloped boy, Sergiu Sirbu said that the collection started 2 weeks ago, which is a violation" Voronin says he does not know the reaction of the CEC to the fact that in 2 hours there were collected 30 thousand signatures.

Voronin also said that he will not comment on the statements made by Renato Usatîi on how he would play games hidden, and said: "I am disgusted, he can not comment on himself, he wipes the sweat from his forehead and then on his pants. What games does Usatîi play? What indications is he executing? He says he will boycott the elections and now he changed his opinion. "

 Communist leader urges people not to be indifferent and underlines that in this campaign,  voters will be bribed with "packages, money, nonsense, with whatever, they lead people to poverty and after that walk and give them candy. "

Vladimir Voronin has not missed the opportunity to comment on the candidates forwarded for election, saying that none deserves to hold this position. He also said that he does not want to hear about neither "Ghimpu nor Corina, about what Corina, about what candidate can we talk? We are not interested in any of them." The communist also says that he is not interested among whom the final battle will be "If he was a nomal and manered man, he woldn't get involved in this wedding."

"Dodon beat his head against all the walls in the parliament and now he is burning up for president, it means that he will be just like the others, only in their interest. I raised the first candidate with the horrible family "Lupu", I thought I would turn him into a man and he betrayed us. Dodon, we raised him, we've made him a man, he betrayed us. How can traitors become President? "asks Voronin.

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