The former President of the Republic of Moldova and Communist leader Vladimir Voronin says he lives modestly in an apartment in Chisinau and does not own any luxury cottages.

Voronin declared during a PROTV show that he owns only a house in the village of Corjova, a legacy from his mother, a 7x6 villa in Parata and an apartment in Chisinau, where he has been living since 1989.

"I am the only president in Europe living in the apartment in a block of flats that was given to me by the late Ivan Calin, when I was appointed Interior Minister of the Soviet Socialist Republic of Moldova," Voronin said. 

Asked about the sumptuous property on Ciocarliei St., Voronin denied that the house belonged to him, mentioning, "I have nothing in common with the real estate property in that region."

Similarly, the former head of the state denied the information contained in his income and property declaration for 2015, which shows that he owns a dwelling house. Voronin said the Declaration is not correct.

"God forbid, we can ask for an informative note, we can ask the Registry, we can ask for confirmations, we can take the Declaration for 2015.  It’s you who must have falsified it, or they have falsified it for you. I know better what I have,” the CPRM leader added.

Earlier the media wrote that Vladimir Voronin owns several luxury cars, a collection of retro cars from the Soviet period, and some private planes. Similarly, he allegedly owns a four-hectare estate and includes a huge courtyard, a sumptuous mansion and several houses. Moreover, in 2009, the former president was the richest man in Moldova.

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