Over 85,000 voters, which is 13.5%, attended the voting by 16:00 to express their opinion on the recall of Dorin Chirtoaca. The figures were communicated by the District Electoral Council.

The voter profile shows that the elderly, aged 55 to 70 years old, are the most active voters, reaching 40.75 percent, while the youngest, aged 18-25, are in the minority with 3, 7%, those aged between 26 -40 show a turnout of 16.02%, those aged 41 to 55 years old showed a turnout of 22.28%, and voters aged over 70 years -17.26%.

At the same time, the profile shows that more women than men attended the polls, the ratio being of 55% to 44%.

Botanica was the district with the most active voters, while Ciocana is the least active. In the suburbs, the smallest turnout was recorded in Cruzesti and the largest in Singera.

The following turnout results will be presented at 19:00 and 21:30. The preliminary results of the referendum will be published at 24:00.

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