The publication of 2015 wealth declarations of the Moldovan public officials is delayed. It should have been done until May 20th, but the NIC had several problems with the digitizing and placing the declarations. However, some officials have released their declarations on the official websites of the institutions they activate in, others – not. Among those is the Balti City Mayor Renato Usatii. But his 2014 declaration was published previously.

34 million lei fortune in 2014

Renato Usatii is the Balti City Mayor since July 1, 2015.

In the 2014 declaration Renato Usatii declared almost all income, movable and immovable property in Russian rubles. Estimating their value in lei, the portal wrote that Usatii’s wealth was more than 34 million lei in 2014. That makes him the wealthiest politician of Moldova.

According to the 2014 declaration, Usatii earned 30.5 million rubles as fee from the company ВПТ-НН, based in Nizhny Novgorod, Russian Federation. According to the information from Balti City Hall's website (link: here) Usatii is its president at the moment. Also Usatii also had income from selling the shares of the Gazprom (Russian Federation) worth 81.2 million rubles, and 200 000 euro more from the sale of a Rolls Royce.

Usatii declared several buildings in the Russian Federation but also in Moldova: 4 plots of land worth 30.8 million rubles (Russian Federation); 2 houses worth 4.2 million rubles (Russian Federation); an apartment worth about 587 000 lei (Moldova); a garage worth about 670 000 rubles and other property worth 222 000 lei. The 2 houses and the garage were acquired in 2011, and the apartment and other real estate were bought in 2015. also declared 2 cars: the Audi A8L worth 7.2 million rubles (bought in 2012), and the Toyota High Lander worth 1.9 million rubles (bought in 2013). Both cars are registered in the Russian Federation.

Usatii declared also the financial assets: 3721 lei, $ 1781, 4780 euro, 593 091 rubles, and 9215 pound. He declared also a debt of over $ 440 000.

The omissions in the wealth declaration

According to the, Renato Usatii omitted in his declaration the information that he is also the chairman of previously mentioned ВПТ-НН LLC, but this information is published on the official website of the City Hall and on the company ВПТ-НН website (link: here).

The Moldovan law prohibits to the Mayors during the mandate to hold other paid positions, except for scientific, teaching and art positions. Otherwise, they enter into a state of the incompatibility.

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