The experts commented on the new suggestions, that allow the political involvement and create loopholes for offences:

Roman ZadoinovRoman Zadoinov, pleader: «I noticed that the modifications had a conflict of interests. In another words, their object is not to improve the situation, to strengthen the independence, the professionality, but the concentration of the power in the particular persons’ hands in particular positions. So they will investigate great cases and allow another persons’ involvement».

Vlad GribinceaVlad Gribincha, the head of the Legal Resources Center of Moldova, the manager of an experts’ group for the project: «We suggested to create a special prosecutor’s office for investigation of the exceptional cases, like it is in Romania. But now the project is completely changed. The powers of the prosecutor’s office are again unclear and it will have to investigate any cases».

Nadejda Hriptievschi Nadejda Hriptievski, director of the program at the Legal Resources Center of Moldova: «We need to change all the laws associated with the prosecutor’s office. The project for this even did not reach to government. We can’t introduce the law without changing another laws».

Anyway the law was introduced and will enter into force soon.

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