The DPM leader, Vladimir Plahotniuc, is being sought by the Russians for ordering the assassination of his political opponent, Renato Usatîi, by organizing a criminal group for this purpose, of which someone named Russu would be a part of.

The details regarding that file were revealed by Kommersant journalists.

According to the source, the Russian Investigative Committee accused Plahotniuc in short of creating an organized criminal group to execute the murder of Renato Usatii.

On January 10, 2018, the Moscow  City Court examined the appeal filed against Plahotniuc's arrest warrant applied by Basman Court on November 30, deciding to keep the arrest warrant. According to the lawyer who filed the appeal, the Investigative Committee had no evidence of the PD leader's involvement in the attempted murder on political and ideological hatred. Furthermore, Plahotniuc was not informed of the dossier on his behalf by the Committee, finding out about it from the press during a trip to the US. In this context, the lawyer requested the cancellation of the arrest warrant on the grounds that Plahotniuc is not hiding from the Committee.

In response, the investigator of the Investigative Committee showed that the assumptions of Plahotniuc's guard are unfounded. He even said that a number of measures, including international ones, have been taken to identify the DP leader's location.

On the basis of the arguments of the two parties, on January 10, the Appeals Court rejected the Defender's appeal and decided that Plahotniuc should be arrested for a period of 2 months in case of a possible detention on the territory of the Russian Federation or extradition by another country. Currently, Plahotniuc isanounced in search of the Russian authorities.

According to Kommeresant, in 2014 Vladimir Plahotniuc would have decided to liquidate Renato Usatii. For this purpose, he would have organized a criminal group, including a certain Russu and "other unknown investigators".

The group would have established Usatii's place of life and his schedule. Subsequently, the members would have decided the place of the future attempt, prepared the ways to withdraw and bought firearms. The tentative executives would have informed Plahotniuc of being ready to attack, but they have failed to carry out their plan for reasons beyond their control.

The Investigative Committee opened a criminal case on the preparation of the attempt in the summer of 2017. The basis for initiating the case was that both Usatii and Plahotniuc hold the citizenship of the Russian Federation.

Usatii, who is also announced in search by the Moldovan authorities, is currently in a suburb of Moscow. Earlier, he said the DP leader wanted to kill him, but he refused to talk about the case.

The information  obtained by Kommersant from the  Moscow Court's data base, shows that there is no decision on the arrest of any person named Russu. At the same time, many people with Moldovan citizenship or those of our country who have the same name are under arrest for thefts, robbery attacks or illegal drug trafficking. It is not excluded that one of them will witness the prosecution in the file on behalf of Plahotniuc.

Although, immediately after Basman's decision to issue an arrest warrant on behalf of Plahotniuc, the Russian authorities addressed Interpol with a request to announce the Democrat leader in search, the international organization rejected the request on the grounds that it was based on political  grounds.

The Democrats then qualified the decision of the Russian authorities as political blackmail, and the decision taken by the appeal court on January 10 was associated with DP with the promulgation in the same day of the law banning Russian propaganda in the media. However, the Democrats did not take into account, according to Kommersant, that the date of the hearing of the appeal court was still set on December 14, 2017.

According to the source, Plahotniuc and Usatii would have been friends until 2014, when the latter decided to get involved in politics in the Republic of Moldova, quickly gaining popularity for criticism of pro-European governance, including DP.

Shortly, Usatii began to face barriers on the part of the authorities. Initially, the justice ministry refused to register a party formed by him, and later excluded from the 2014 elections another party led by Usatii.

After that, the criticisms made by Usatii in Plahotniuc's address were wide-ranging. The politician in Moscow has repeatedly accused the politician sought by Moscow for serious crimes, including the usurpation of state power and involvement in the attempted assassination of Russian banker Gherman Gorbuntov, which the two of them accuse each other. In November 2017, the killer Vitalie Proca declared that Plahotniuc was the one who ordered the murder of Gorbuntov.

The statement caused a big scandal and even brought the Russian banker to Chisinau, who in turn made Usatii an invitation to Chisinau from the studio of a Plahotniuc television. "Whoever is guilty, he will be behind bars," Gorbuntov said.

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