The online database WikiLeaks published some information that compromise current socialist and pro-Russian views of Socialist Party’s candidate in this election, Igor Dodon.

According to the published information, Igor Dodon informed the Ambassador of the USA after the events from the 7th of April, 2009, that several young members of the Communist Party, wanted to separate and leave the Party and establish a new one which would be more of a far-left one.

The Party would focus on implementing reforms in the International Monetary Fund and economical ones. Moreover, the new Party would then join other non-communist parties to eventually elect the President. The alliance and the new Party had similar agendas.

Dodon also told the American Ambassador that there would have been discussions within the Communist Party about a possible coalition with one or several other Parties from the opposition. He mentioned that he would prefer a coalition with Marian Lupu and that the Communist Party would support him in the election. Such a scenario was to be discussed with Voronin after his return from annual leave.

If Voronin refused this scenario, several young members of the party would leave to, then, establish a new party, a far-left one and focus on economical reforms and collaborating with International Monetary Fund. Moreover, the new party would demand the resignation from the office of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Papuc, of the Security Information Services’s director, Resetnicov, of the vice-Minister, Rosca and of the Ministry of External Affairs, Stratan.

The same document states that the list of Communist Party’s deputies,  were people ready to support a non-communist President. This information was offered by the ex- democrat deputy Andrei Popov, who was Lupu’s close friend at the time.

According to Dodon, the new party would constitute a true nucleus in politics. The plan was that the unreformed communists would handle the far-left and liberals – far-right. The new group would have allied with Democrats, with Our Moldova Alliance and Liberal Democrats, to form a new government.

The disclosure reveals how the positions would be shared if the Communist Party would have been divided into two camps.

Today we have a new, far-left party which descended from the Communist Party. They claim to be an opposition party with no intention to ally with any center or far-right party.

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