It seems that the liberals are taking revenge on the socialists. The Liberal party leader Mihai Ghimpu announced on May 18 at a press conference, that he is initiating the signature collection procedure for organizing a referendum on the dismissal of Igor Dodon.

According to Mihai Ghimpu, the initiative is related to Igor Dodon's anticonstitutional statements, recognition of elections in Transnistria, statements on the federalization of the republic, etc.

The Liberals have already installed the first tent where the signatures will be collected, announcing that they will install more. At the same time, Mihai Ghimpu was the first to sign.

The LP leader said he is launching the signature collection campaign with the message: "Chirtoaca at City Hall, Dodon to the garbage".

The reaction of the socialists was quick. Ion Ceban wrote that he is not surprised by the initiative. According to the Socialist, the current ruling coalition, which includes LP, "wants a referendum against President Igor Dodon."

Ceban wrote that they (the socialists) are ready for a new confrontation and that they will demonstrate that the citizens are on their side. "We very much hope that what the Coalition initiates will speed up its end. And it will bring early parliamentary elections closer," the Socialist wrote.

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