The Border Service has completed the procedure of attestation of officials, launched on 13th June and presented its results. According to them, about 100 employees of the system of the 1069 attested, will be dismissed.

Border officers were tested based on criteria such as compliance with the requirements for the function performed, compliance with labor discipline, and performance in the interview.

According to the press release of the Border Service,  the results revealed insufficient readiness for several border officers, manifested by superficial knowledge of border legislation and procedures specific for work and a low level of professional skills.

Attestation Commission determined that 10% of the 1069 employees attested do not correspond to their position, they were released from service.

At the same time, there have been identified a number of employees who have a high level of professionalism, they will be advanced in rank.

General Border Director, Vitalie Vrabie said that certification of officers will be carried out systematically and promotions will be grounded on the performances registered.

Attestation results were presented today at a summarizing meeting of the Commission of Attestation which included representatives of Ministry of Finance and Border Unions. Also, the certification process was monitored by the EU High Counselor, Rosario de Blasio, who appreciated the procedure as a transparent and objective one.

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