By December 26, 2016, individuals who own properties, estimated at 1.5 million lei and more, were to pay the wealth tax, introduced in the Tax Code in July 2016. According to the Tax Service, 955 people have not fulfilled this obligation.

The amount of wealth tax, which was estimated to be collected to the state budget, is of 50 million lei.
So far, 34.83 million lei have been paid to the state budget as wealth tax for 2016. In this regard, the number of "disciplined" individuals is 1938.

According to the Tax Service, as of November 1, 2016, 2893 people were to pay taxes for their million-worth properties, most of them being residents of Chisinau.


Thus, of the 2893 of "millionaires", 955 have not yet paid the wealth tax. They will be penalized for each day of delay.

Recall that the wealth tax was included to the Fiscal Code in July 2016.

Please note that CrimeMoldova wrote about several civil servants, who own million-worth properties in the luxurious neighborhoods and suburbs of Chisinau.

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