The head of the No. 2 Therapy Unit at Municipal Hospital No. 1, Ala Valenga, arrived to Emergency Room after being beaten by the husband of a deceased patient. Valenga was diagnosed with cerebral concussion and several broken ribs.

According to, the incident took place on the morning of March 10, after the night before, a patient died on a hospital bed in the Valenga-led section. The hospital administration has requested a police intervention.

The man beat the doctor on the grounds that she would have not done anything to save his wife. He also said, according to a witness, that the doctor had asked for money from her wife.

The head of the medical institution where the incident occurred told the source that the deceased was under 70 and died of a condition that could not be prevented.

Ala Valenga told ​​that she was writing at the table when the violent man rushed over her.

"He pulled me so hard, I thought he would tear my skin off my head. Then he pushed me over some chairs. I have two fractured ribs. I could not defend myself at all. We work in very difficult conditions. It's impossible here, I'm already thinking of leaving ofice. What if anyone comes with a knife one day? Who will protect us?"

The doctor said he would also announce the Labor Inspection, as the incident happened during working hours, and the administration does not protect medical workers.

According to the source, the husband's relatives apologized for his behavior.

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