The photo reporter of Jurnal de Chişinău, Nadejda Roşcovanu, was verbally and physically assaulted by the owners of a booth because she photographed an expired product. The incident took place on the evening of June 19 in the Ciocana sector of the capital.

According to, the journalist left the office and went to a nearby store to buy a bun. After paying, she noticed that the product had an expired term. She asked for her money to be returned, but the vendor refused. Moreover, after photographing the food, the journalist was physically assaulted.

Even if the incident was filmed and there are witnesses, the landlord owner rejects the allegations. He claims the journalist would have brought in the old bun to his kiosk.

Non-governmental media organizations have categorized as inadmissible such acts of aggression towards the journalist.

"We condemn the aggressive behavior of the representatives of the trade unit involved in this incident. We call upon the law enforcement authorities to quickly investigate this case and take the measures prescribed by the law in relation to those who attacked Nadejda Roscovanu," the statement said.

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