Grigore Petrenco, posted on his Facebook page, a clip that was made Monday in the Rascani District Court.

In the images appears Andrei Duzi, member of the Petrenco group who was beaten by police right in the courtroom.

Lawyer Ana Ursachi says that everything started after judges extended by 30 days the judicial measure on Grigore Petrenco's name. Andrei Druzi, but also other young people who were in the courtroom, began to show their dissatisfaction with the decision of the magistrate chanting "Down with PLAHOTNIUC!" Writes

Then, Judge Natalia Clevadă requested the intervention of the judicial police. Ana Ursachi say that at the request of the judge, the police used force trying to forcibly remove the protesters from the hall. Just, at some point, "Andrei Druzi has been dropped in the head. He fell from the arms of the police. This after receiving several blows from the police, "said Ana Ursachi for the source cited above.

As Petrenco stated on social network, the young and lost consciousness after the blows.

"The young man was comatose for 30 minutes. Now he is in a hospital, "added Ana Ursachi. However, the lawyer says that today, they will address the US Embassy, the German Embassy, and representatives of OSCE.

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