An inmate of the Prison No.4 of Cricova was threatened with physical punishment by the head of the institution, writes This would have happened after the prisoner has made several statements to the press about the illegalities of the prison.

According to the source, the detainee Ion Slobodeniuc in detention in this prison, since July this year. He said that yesterday he had been threatened with death by the head of the institution, in his office. The reason would be that Slobodeniuc gave an interview to the press in which he talked about the conditions of detention and illegalities committed in prisons.

About the beating he was subjected to and the conditions of detention, the detainee spoke in a hearing, held in Rascani District Court, where he challenged two decisions of the administration of Prison No.4 on the sanction to the "disciplinary confinement" for 20 and 5 days, but also a prohibition to communicate with relatives for 3 days. On the 2 decision, the court is to decide on October 7. 

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