The lawyer Ana Ursachi, who is accused of committing a murder in 1997, is now accusing the prosecutors of raiding last night with illegal searches at the residence of her father. The prosecutors are confirming the searches but are also saying that they were carried out according to the law.

The lawyer provided details about the raid last night in an on-line press conference. She said that “They disconnected the electricity from the panel from the stairs. My father came out to see what was going on. Then, the prosecutor Dumitru Ştefârţă assisted by masked men, stormed into the apartment. The prosecutor did not have a mandate issued by the court to perform the search, and they didn’t even wait for the lawyer, that my father called, to come and assist during the search. Ştefîrţă alleged that my father bribed a witness with 500 lei in 1997, to give false testimony in my favor. But actually, Ştefîrţă being blind drunk at a party, complained that the Interim General Attorny, Eduard Harujen, is pressuring the prosecutors and judges to carry out a criminal investigation against me and to release an arrest warrant on my name. When he realized what he did, the next day, decided to carry out searches, so that I won’t find out about it.”

The lawyer claims that several legal procedures were violated while the searches were carried out. “The search was carried out after 10 PM, which is strictly forbidden by law, in the absence of a lawyer and a search warrant. The law allows to perform unannounced searches, without an arrest warrant, only when they can not be postponed. But what was the rush when it comes to a case that occurred 20 years ago and the statute of limitations expired?”.

The lawyer said after the searches that they took a computer that did not belong to her, and denied some information that circulate in the pro-governmental media, and namely that some video recordings compromising Renato Usatîi and the PPDT leaders were found. “My son suffers from a disease and will go to a clinic in Minsk. No such recordings were found and I’m not in Belarus but in a EU country. I will return to Moldova after I complete the series of meetings that I have with various officials to pass on the evidence that incriminates Plahotniuc.”

Contacted by CrimeMoldova Dumitru Ştefîrţă confirmed carrying out the search, but denied Ana Ursachi’s allegations "Everything was conducted according with the law".

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