The purpose of the last week search at the residence of the parents of the lawyer Ana Ursachi, were the evidence on another case related to the seizure of state power. The statement was made by the jurist Anatol Stepuleac for CrimeMoldova, which is in a partnership relationship with Ana Ursachi.

Stepuleac stated that Rîşcani Court from the capital city, put his request on hold, through which he calls into question the general prosecutor’s refusal to initiate a criminal case on usurpation of state power by more people, and at the next hearing he will present the evidence. Stepuleac declared “Over a longer period we have accumulated conclusive evidence that a group of people, including MPs, are following seizure of state power. I filed a request to the General Prosecutor's Office but they issued an ordinance not to start the criminal investigation. Namely this evidence the prosecutors were after while searching Ana Ursachi’s parents’ residence.”

Anatol Stepuleac also communicated that the evidence consists of several journalist investigations, public statements, documents, video and audio recordings.

Stepuleac said “The prosecutors don’t need to convict Ana of murder, they know they have no chance to do so. Their goal is to make sure she is not here to defend Usatîi, Petrenco, Platon, and also for this criminal investigation on usurping the state power to not be carried out.”


The lawyer Ana Ursachi is accused by prosecutors that in 1997, in collusion with her ex-husband and another man, have killed a teacher to take away her house. The General Prosecutor’s Office decided to resume the criminal investigation and asked the prosecution to issue an arrest warrant on her name.  As a result, Ana Ursachi’s Lawyers have contested the order of the Interim General Attorney Eduard Harunjen, n the resumption of criminal investigation issued on her name. 

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