Alexei Dimitrov, an inveterate fighter with drivers who park their cars on sidewalks, has been attacked again. This time, it was the driver of a van, who drove onto the sidewalk and parked illegally in front of a shopping center on Izmail St. in Chisinau.

The video recording, made by Dimitrov, depicts how the driver, after being rebuked, swears, threatens and even tries to hit the activist. 

Asked by CrimeMoldova, Alexei Dimitrov said that the incident took place on Tuesday, April 18, and he intends to file a complaint with the police. 

"I was in a hurry and I was almost hit by the van. Actually, I deal with such cases almost daily. Some drivers start fighting, if I admonish them", the activist said.

Alexei Dimitrov has been involved in some scandalous situations, after trying to establish order on sidewalks. Thus, late last year, Dimitrov was punched in the face by the prosecutor Ion Dulgheru, who had been caught driving on the sidewalk. The prosecutor was punished with a reprimand by the disciplinary and ethics commission of prosecutors and Dimitrov has two administrative cases for injury and damage to property.

The activist had another confrontation with the singer Diana Rotaru, who subsequently complained to the police that the activist had assaulted her. 

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