The attorney Ion Gavriliuc was noticed when trying to tear the camera of the injured party out of his hands, while filming the beginning of the hearing. The defender did not even believe when the judge said that, in accordance with the law, video recording of the beginning of the trial is allowed.

The lawyer, whose client is a former police officer accused of torture in April of 2009, did not like the fact that the victim filmed the beginning of the trial and had previously made statements to the press. "He should have been willing to ask me. I would have accepted. Maybe I wanted to dress up nicely. He intentionally filmed me. I did not attack him. I just wanted to stop the camera, so that he won’t shoot me," Gavriliuc told CrimeMoldova.

On the other hand, the victim of torture claims to have filmed the beginning of the trial, and that the statements and media stories are the only chance to get justice, while justice has been going on for almost eight years, the case is in the first instance, and his torturers, instead of being punished, have been promoted.

It seems that Ion Gavriliuc is not breaking the law for the first tine. Earlier, the defender threatened the victim during the meeting: "I fought in Afghanistan and it is not a problem for me to immobilize him."

Previously contacted by CrimeMoldova, Vitalie Tăbîrţă, chairman of the Commission for Discipline and Ethics within the Union of Lawyers, said any pressure or threats from lawyers are forbidden. "The Code of Ethics forbids lawyers from even communicating with the injured party if they do not want it," said the defense counsel.

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