Two cars were detained at the exit from Moldova, trying to cross the border. One of them is wanted by Interpol, while the other has false documents.

Both attempts were recorded at the Lesuseni crossing point.

In the first case, on December 4, a Moldovan citizen, aged 24, resident of Nisporeni, found out that his car appears in the INTERPOL database, being sought by the German authorities since August 2016.

The driver of the Jaguar XF, manufactured in 2008 and registered in Germany, said he had purchased the car from some Ukrainian citizens in the Czech Republic, without knowing that it was stolen. The car, whose value is around 15 thousand euros, has been seized and retained on the territory of Leuşeni boarder point for further research.

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The second case, involves a forged proxy for a Volkswagen Sharan. This morning, a man, aged 56, with a dual citizenship of Moldova and Romania, tried to leave the country with a car registered in Bulgaria.

Among the documents submitted to control, border guards identified signs of falsification of the power of attorney, issued by the Bulgarian authorities. 

A preliminary investigation revealed that the stamp was applied by an illegal method. According to the man’s statement, an unknown person made the power of attorney for him and he was unaware of the fact that he was using a forged document.

In this case again, the vehicle was retained at Leuşeni border point, pending completion of investigations and legal measures to be taken.

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