Burglars attacked a jewelry shop in the center of Timisoara.  The burglary occurred on the morning of May 16 and the perpetrators managed to escape with a box filled with precious jewels.

Those who committed the crime entered the shop by forcing the entrance door and went straight to the safe where the jewels were kept. 

They stole about 130 items made of platinum, gold and diamonds. The thieves managed to commit the crime before the alarm was triggered and at the arrival of the police, they had already disappeared.

Currently, the police are analyzing the images, captured by the cameras. However, the thieves have not been identified yet. The storeowner estimated the damage at about 100,000 euros.

Another theft, in a jewelry store in Timisoara, happened on the Christmas Eve. Then the thieves stole the safe and they fled with it. The police are still looking for the perpetrators.  

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