Ion Catalin Stefan, known as Cheloo, member of the Parasites band, was sentenced on May 17 by the Prahova Tribunal to a conditional sentence of two years for drug possession and trafficking.

Cheloo will be supervised for a period of four years and will perform community work for 180 days. The singer claims he did not sell drugs, he just consumed marijuana.

After the court hearing, he told the journalists he acknowledged his mistakes and accepts the judges' decision.

Ion Catalin Stefan captured the prosecutors' attention following some searches, conducted on March 30, 2016. They found at his residence a few grams of cannabis. Similarly, the investigators also seized a cylindrical white box with the inscription "Tivoli", containing a plastic bag with cannabis, a plastic bottle engraved "Optisana Calcium + Vitamin D3", a black plastic cap with inscription "Al Capone Sweets Filter", which contained a self-crafted cigarette, a white plastic bottle with yellow label "Supradyn", a white plastic container with the inscription “Walmark Zinc formula forte”, a metallic pipe with traces of burning and vegetal matter, and two grinders (metal or plastic tools to chop the tobacco) with traces of vegetable matter - one of pink plastic and a wooden one with the inscription "Amsterdam".

Following ten house searches that took place in Bucharest and Prahova, the singer and 90 other people were summoned to court. This case concerns trafficking of high risk drugs.

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