Dorin Chirtoaca, the Mayor of Chisinau, was s imposed a fine of 4.000 lei for failure to execute the judgment of the Buiucani Court of 2014.

The ruling of the Buiucani Court, dated 2014, recognized the plaintiff’s ownership of land on Liviu Deleanu St. in Chisinau. The plaintiff was supposed to present a draft plan and a topographic plan for the approval of the City Hall, which he did. But the plan was not approved by the mayor, so it could not be referred to the examination of the City Council, so the court executor asked the court to apply a fine on the mayor.

The court executor brought sufficient evidence that the mayor intentionally refused to approve the package of documents, submitted by the applicant, writes. In one of the replies, Direction of Architecture, Urban Planning and Land Relations noted that the set of documents was never submitted, then the Mayor ordered to the City Hall lawyers to examine it in detail.

As the judgment was not executed, the court executor sent to Chirtoaca an order, but the City Hall Directions had shoved the responsibility from one to another, the court executor drew up a report of an offense and sent it to court.


As a result, the magistrate of the Central District Court, who examined the case, established that the mayor tried to avoid the execution of the court judgment and imposed a fine of 4.000 lei.

If Chirtoaca agrees with the fine, he has the right to pay half of the amount, if he does it in the next 72 hours. The decision can be challenged to the Court of Appeal.

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