The City Hall has announced Wednesday, December 21 that it was stripped of four plots of land, owned by the municipality.

According to the press service of the institution, to enforce the judgements, issued by courts over several years, the executor Alexandru Tcacenco executed  the documents on taking ownership of four plots of land with an area of ​​about 0 07 ha each. 

City Hall officials said that by his actions, the executor changed the manner and order of enforcement of court decisions, substituting local authorities.

In this context, the Chisinau City Hall notified the Anticorruption Prosecutor and requested seizure of land. Additionally, the municipality challenged in court the documents, drafted by the executor and requested the Ministry of Justice to impose sanctions on the executor, in accordance with the current law.

Recall that the Chisinau City Hall announced on Friday, December 16 that it had been stripped of 20 plots of land by a court order, which had been issued on 26 August by the magistrate of the Center District Court, Angela Catana. The court ordered that the ownership of 20 plots of land, located in Chisinau and owned by the local authorities should be registered into three companies. The decision was based on the minutes of a land auction, which in reality had not been held.  

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