NAC will create a new subdivision, entitled to recover, manage and assess the criminal assets. A group of MPs submitted to the Parliament's Permanent Bureau a draft legislative initiative in this regard.

The new subdivision will be called Criminal Asset Recovery Service (CARS).

According to the project, the CARS will deal, in particular, with the assessment and management of criminal assets seized and confiscated, take stock of criminal assets seized, based on similar requests from authorities abroad, etc.

In order to exercise the functions CARS will have the powers to conduct parallel  financial investigations, negotiate repatriation of criminal assets, carry out an international legal cooperation and exchange of information with similar authorities abroad, collect statistics of preventing, detecting and suppressing criminal acts. 

The draft also specifies the criminal asset recovery process, as follows: tracking goods and collecting evidence, procedure of seizure, confiscation, compensation for damages and return of criminal assets.  

The same document states that annually 3% of the value of goods confiscated by a final decision of the court will be transferred to the NAC budget.

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