The two drivers involved in the road accident in which a 15-year-old minor died, accuse each other of causing the impact. The drivers say they have not violated road traffic rules and would not be guilty of what happened.

The father of the deceased boy, who was driving a Mazda, claims he tried to turn to the green light of the traffic light. "We were coming from the Airport. The traffic light was green. There was no one in front of me. I tried to pass and a rifle appeared in the sky, I do not know from where, but it struck me. I was thrown away, I saw nothing but white in front of me. I looked to my right and I couldn’t see my son," said the man for Publika TV.

In turn, the BMW driver claims to drive properly. "I was going to the green light of the traffic light without any thought that someone would hit me or pass me. There is a witness coming from the airport, he can confirm my words," the young man confessed to


The BMW driver. Source photo:

After the impact, the driver's wife, who was driving the Mazda, said she was physically assaulted by the BMW driver. "Two punched me twice, the criminal, twice he punched me. I just asked him what he did and I grabbed his collar and he punched," the woman told Publika TV.

The young man rejected the allegations. "I'm not a murderer, and I reiterate that I did not hit anyone. The woman lied. I was alone, they were about six people. I did not see anything, I was full of blood. There is a video, filmed by a witness, showing the woman and her brother were attacking me, and then the witness, who broke her phone," the driver stated for

Recall that two cars violently clashed near the Chisinau International Airport. The Press Officer of the City Police, Natalia Stati, told CrimeMoldova that the impact occurred while the Mazda model car tried to turn to Băcioii Noi. Following the accident, the minor in the Mazda car died on the scene. The car was driven by his 43-year-old father, and the BMW was run by a 28-year-old. There was only the driver in the BMW, and in the Mazda car - only the man and his son.

In this case, a criminal trial was initiated in which all the circumstances of the accident are to be determined.

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