Today, the Chisinau City Hall, discussed the loan offered by EBRD and the EIB for rehabilitation of water and sanitation.

Thus, the 2 financing institutions announced that they would stop financing the project until the water charges will not be adjusted, and in the meantime, Apa-Canal Chisinau ME is requesting a loan from a local commercial bank to provide further implementation of the project, writes

Mayor Dorin Chirtoaca said that negotiations on the adjustment of water charges between Apa-Canal and ANRE have been carried out for a year and they can not reach a common denominator,  "We agreed with the EBRD and EIB to contract a local credit until we can solve the problem with ANRE, we hope, by the end of the year to have a clear position in this regard", said Chirtoaca, mentioning that water charges would increase by about MDL 1.5.

Meanwhile, representatives of Apa-Canal claim that they have already tried to obtain a loan from a local bank, but without success, and are currently negotiating with another bank in hopes to borrow money. When the European banks will continue the funding, the money will be returned to the local bank.

Negotiations on the rehabilitation of water supply systems and sanitation by allocating a credit of EUR 65 million from the EBRD and EIB, started in 2012. The financing program involves rehabilitation, by December 2018, of 205 km of aqueducts, over 3.000 of apartment blocks connections to sewage systems and rehabilitation of about 15 kilometers of sewerage collectors.

 This financial support could be missed if negotiations between Apa-Canal and ANRE on water charges fail.

About other aspects of this topic, you can read in the Crime Moldova investigation "Corruption and indifference are flooding Chisinau".

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