Independent Analytical Center "Expert Group", presented at a press conference, the results of monitoring public procurement in the education system in Chisinau.

Public procurement process in the education system in Chisinau is listed as one only partially transparent and marked by conflicts of interest.

Topics addressed in the study are the procurement of goods and services of catering, maintenance work in municipal schools and kindergartens. According to the report, officials would not describe clearly the requirements for companies, and this creates confusion and delay in the procurement process. However in most cases these conditions are biased and aimed at some well known players, to sign contracts in exchange for favors, writes

Tatiana Nagnibeda-Tverdohleb, the head of the Municipal Education Youth and Sports Directorate, partially upheld the findings of the study noting that officials monitor closely the direction of the public procurement process, suggesting the improving of the legislation. "We need to change everything regarding the public procurement, without being accused of trade secret information." said the civil servant.

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