The fire has been completely extinguished by 5:02 pm. The search teams have not found the missing woman yet. Firefighters continue to work at the warehouse in Uzinelor St, where the fire broke out yesterday morning. Over 20 fire engines, including five fire towers, are involved in the localization and liquidation of the fire.

A woman, aged 44, disappeared in the burning building. Rescuers say that she attempted to leave the warehouse together with her colleagues, but disappeared among the clouds of smoke. The woman has two children. So far, firefighters cannot enter the building, as there is a risk of collapse.

The intervention of rescuers inside the building will be possible as soon as geodesists assess the condition of the building. The Local Commission for Emergencies will also have a meeting to assess the existing risk and monitor the situation.  

According to the information provided by the press service of the Emergencies Service, additional guards have been mobilized to intervene and step into the breach. Citizens, who have volunteered to support the rescuers, offer hot drinks to the fire crews. The management of Emergency Situations Service is continuously monitoring the situation, while the employees of the Police Inspectorate protect the area.

The State Hydrometeorological Service assessed the extent of air pollution in the area after the fire and found no significant exceed of the maximum allowable concentrations of pollutants.

According to the firefighters, the fire was fueled by flammable materials inside the building, and the temperature rose to 800-900 degrees. They are now trying to cool the construction to prevent its collapse.

Yesterday, Ivan Nogailic, a 28- year-old firefighter, died in the fire and six firefighters were injured and taken to Trinity Hospital. 

The head of state, Nicolae Timofti, addressed a message of condolences to the family of the firefighter that died in the fire, "It is a tragedy, an irreplaceable loss not only for the family of this young brave man, but also for those who knew him, for all of those who understand the occupational hazards of firefighters’ job. These people, who fight the aggressive flame, put the lives of others above their own lives, and for that they are worthy of being called heroes and they will never die in the consciousness of the society. I know that nothing can alleviate the pain caused by the loss of a beloved person, therefore, I wish that God strengthens the family and protects them from misfortunes."

The Mayor of Chisinau, Dorin Chirtoaca, also sent a message of condolences to the family, which reads "Unfortunately, we witnessed another example, demonstrating once again how dangerous it is to be a firefighter. He is a hero."

The firefighter’s death is deplored by his colleagues from the Emergencies Service, "I thought I'd never write anything ... but I can’t help it! Those people, who booed us, when we marched on the Great Assembly Square, how do they feel now? Did they realize then that people, real heroes wore those uniforms? Don’t ask me, I don’t give any comments, I don’t follow the media... you can find the answers here in these two very important photos. CRIO + MS + CSI !!! It’s a titanic job. You can understand how hard the separation is only when a close person abandons you. You look for this person and you can’t find him, you call him and he doesn’t hear, you wait for him and he doesn’t come. The only thing we can do is just remember! My sincere condolences,” Igor Pojar wrote.

14980733_1156288051128937_926849132344680107_n.jpg Pojar

It should be mentioned that civil society has shown unprecedented concern. In less than 8 hours, people gathered all the necessary sum to pay off the house loan that the family of Ivan Nogailic had taken from the bank. Those wishing to help the family of the deceased firefighter can still donate HERE.

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