The Prosecutor’s Offices from the sectors Center, Riscani, Ciocana, Buiucani, Botanica and Chişinău Prosecutor’s Office will merge into a single institution. This provision of the new Law on Prosecution, shall come into force on January 1st, 2017.

The General Prosecutor's Office held a press conference where he referred to the changes that will take place in Chisinau Prosecutor’s Office. The General Attorney, Eduard Harunjen, announced that from January 1st, all Prosecutor's Offices from the capital will merge into one institution.

The movable and immovable property, archives listed by the prosecutor and folders, materials and other documents in their execution will be sent to the Chisinau Prosecutor’s Office.

Merging the Public Prosecutor’s Offices is the last stage of institutional reform. The new Prosecutor’s Office will incorporate the courts from the five other sectors of Chisinau and will be the largest subdivision, with 180 employees and 66 consultants.

The Chisinau prosecutor, Igor Popa, informed that from January 1st, the office from Armeneasca Str. will become the headquarters and control the institution directly. At the same time, the Prosecutors of the five sectors will become deputy prosecutors of the Chisinau prosecutor, but the subdivisions will still have the same attributions.

Igor Popa said “Some changed will be noticed from the very start. The number of prosecutors from higher grade will be reduced and a unique practice in Chisinau is intended, since separating the sectors was generating a different practice. This will eliminate the gap between different approaches. The deputy prosecutors will become regular prosecutors of the Chisinau Prosecutor’s Office. Overall, the number of employees remains the same.”

The Chisinau prosecutor also stated that the citizens will continue to address to local offices, according to their residence visa. They will only address the office from Armeneasca str. when they will not be happy with the results of the institutions from the sectors.

The prosecutor also wanted the stress the success and achievements of this year. He said that in 2016, more resonant cases have been made public, several criminal groups that traded toxic, radioactive drugs have been dismantled. Some groups issuing counterfeit money, were dismantled.

"The most important thing is teamwork and cooperation with other law enforcement agencies," said Igor Popa.

The Prosecution Reform is a priority of  the Government Programme and reform strategy of the justice sector, and the activities in this respect are carried out and promoted both, by the state authorities and the active involvement of national and international partners.

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