Former Head of Education, Youth and Sport Directorate, Tatiana Nagnibeda-Tverdohleb, is the new principle of "Alexandru Ioan Cuza" High School from Chisinau.

The information was confirmed for CrimeMoldova by high school sources.

At the same time, sources said that Tatiana Nagnibeda-Tverdohleb was appointed director of the high school based on the results of a contest announced on April 5th.

The Chief of General Directorate for Youth Education and Sports, Tatiana Nagnibeda-Tverdohleb, resigned from office on December 26, 2016, following a scandal targeting children's nutrition in educational institutions.

Tatiana Nagnibeda-Tverdohleb then mentioned she regrets the latest events and that the situation created saddened her. She also thanked all the officials she worked with, and said she couldn’t imagine the end of her career in the public domain.

At the same time, the contract of the General Directorate Education, Youth and Sport ends on December 31, 2016.

Recall that Tatiana Nagnibeda-Tverdohleb was for 10 years the head of the General Directorate for Youth Education and Sport. On November 28, 2016, she was temporarily suspended from office, during the internal investigation conducted by the City Hall. The interim function was provided to Valentina Cujba, Deputy Director of the Directorate. At the same time, all the heads of the Education Directorates in all sectors of the capital were suspended in the context of the scandal with the rigged auctions and delivery of the altered products in the kindergartens in Chisinau.

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