Former Minister of Transport and Road Infrastructure, Iurie Chirinciuc, has been released from house arrest and placed under judicial control. Moreover, Chirinciuc claims he is not guilty and considers that the judges will acquit him.

The decision on his release from house arrest has been taken today by the magistrates of the Buiucani District Court of Chisinau.

Following the hearings, the district prosecutor declared that Iurie Chirinciuc has been placed under judicial control until the judgment is delivered. "The magistrates may pronounce the sentence on August 2," the prosecutor said.

Similarly, Iurie Chirinciuc made the first statements after his detention, claiming he is not guilty. "We’re waiting for the court to deliver the ruling, after which I will speak. I'm expecting a decision that would pronounce me not guilty. I didn’t acknowledge my guilt, but I said that I built roads, that's why I'm here," Chirinciuc said.

The former minister also expressed his dissatisfaction with the way the media reflected the events of his arrest and investigation. "I had the opportunity to see what the media presented during this period. It’s blatant. I declare that the package or those pictures you have taken from the NAC have nothing to do with this case. The prosecutor has warned you from the very beginning of the presumption of innocence, but you have interpreted them as you wanted," Chirinciuc said.

The former Transport Minister was detained on April 27, suspected of organizing a criminal scheme to acquire financial sources in particularly large proportions. Chirinciuc is being prosecuted on three counts: passive corruption to determine economic agents to give up entrepreneurial contracts, illegal extraction of minerals and abuse of office to ensure the construction of a road.

We remind you that Iurie Chirinciuc was suspended from the position of minister on May 12 this year.  

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