The government approved on Wednesday, December 21st , three regulations concerning the performance of judicial expertise in Moldova.

According to the communication and press relations department of the Government, it was approved the Regulation on the organization and functioning of the National Center for Judicial Expertise, which establishes the mission, its composition and powers. According to the document, the Center will be under the Ministry of Justice’s subordination, having the legal status of an agency and will have a personal limit in number of 76 units. The responsibilities of the Center include conducting judicial and extra-judicial expertise, organization of workshops, scientific conferences, training courses of court experts and the implementation of scientific stipulations in the forensic field. The Center will also have regional divisions in Balti and Cahul, and the state budget will fund its works.

At the same time, the Executive Committee approved the Regulation on qualification and assessment of judicial experts and the Regulation on conditions for conducting the qualifying examination and promotion of judicial experts and model license to practice as legal experts. By implementing the new regulations, it is intended to create a Qualification Commission and the evaluation of judicial experts, composed of 9 members, which will be a unique organizational structure competent for the examination of persons requesting or granted the status of legal experts, to confer degrees of skill.

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