Being asked about the allegations of the former MP Sabastian Ghita, head of National Anticorruption Directorate (DNA), Laura Kovesi, said on Monday, January 9, 2017, that she did not want to comment on the statements of "a fugitive indictee," writes.

"First, I don’t comment on the statements of a fugitive. A fugitive offender who has several criminal cases, some of which are investigated by the DNA, while others have already been sent to court. A fugitive indictee, whom we started to prosecute last year, I hope you remember, since April, when he accused the DNA from the parliament tribune and attacked the judiciary system by making annoying and biased statements. As such, I don’t comment on the statements of a fugitive indictee, I don’t want to have any discussion with him," Kovesi said, quoted by

The head of the DNA said that recent attacks on the judiciary have been made by offenders, investigated within DNA cases, or by people who support them because the DNA dared to disturb them. Kovesi explained that these attacks have continued despite the 14 complaints filed to the Superior Council of Magistracy by the DNA.

Referring to Ghita’s escape, Kovesi said that the MIA should explain how the former deputy managed to flee.

According to, former deputy of the SDP, Sebastian Ghita, disappeared on the last day of his parliamentary immunity, when the party that he represented in the elections of December 11, 2016 – United Romania Party - failed to pass the threshold and enter the Parliament. The Directorate of Special Operations, who was surveilling him, lost his track, when the former member of the Romanian Intelligence Service was returning from a party, thrown by the secret service in connection with the expiry of the old Parliament’s term of office. Since his disappearance, Ghita appeared in a series of recordings, making serious accusations against the judiciary, broadcast by the television station that he controls.

In one of the recordings broadcast by Romania TV, Sebastian Ghita said that Victor Ponta had been blackmailed to propose Laura Codruta Kovesi to the position of head of the DNA, adding that Florian Coldea had allegedly told the former premier that otherwise his visit to US would be canceled.

Previously, he said that he had been involved in the forgery of the expert report on the authenticity of the PhD thesis, made by the head of the DNA, which found that Kovesi had not plagiarized her doctoral thesis.

Additionally, the former Romanian deputy launched several accusations against the former President of Romania, Traian Basescu.

On January 5, the High Court of Cassation and Justice decided to issue an arrest warrant into the name of Sebastian Ghita, who was announced wanted.

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