Vera Cerchez, a 55-year-old woman from Rezina, will receive a moral reward of 2,000 lei from the state because she was beaten and harassed by the police. The decision was taken by the Chisinau Court, and the woman says she will appeal it in the hierarchically superior court.

Vera Cerchez claims that justice system is making fun of her, and that the 2000 lei can not cover the expenses she has incurred since 2013. The victim has claimed in court damages of 30,000 euro.

The woman, who owns a driver training school, claims that it all started after she refused to pay the police a protection fee of 1000 lei a month.

According to Verei Cerchez, on the evening of November 19, 2013, while being with her husband and son in a locality in Rezina, she would have been assaulted by policemen Stogu, Melnic, and Bacilla. They would have taken her to Rezina Police Inspectorate, where she would have been hit with her head against the walls. According to the forensic examination report, after the visit to the police, the woman was suffered a cranio-cerebral concussion.

Vera Cerchez filed a complaint with the Prosecutor's Office in Rezina, but soon the law enforcement officials refused to start the prosecution on behalf of the three police officers.

The woman appealed the order of the prosecutors, and the court accepted her complaint. The prosecutors from Rezina have four times rejected Vera Cerchez's complaint, and the court has always obliged law enforcement to initiate prosecution in this case. Finally, the Rezina Prosecutor's Office issued in February 2017, an order to start the contravention procedure with respect to the three policemen. They were not held accountable for the expiration of the limitation period.

Vera Cerchez also told us that a prosecutor had warned her not to publish the case and a policeman threatened her, because he had to work for three months in Moscow and pay the prosecutors to escape punishment.


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