Recently the journalists found out a number of indignant affirmations of French people in Internet. The reason is that there is building a high-rise apartment house close to the French embassy in Moldova. The workers make noise, there is no natural light because of the building and the construction materials are permanently falling down near the embassy so the officials really can’t work. Now they are looking for another place to move there the embassy.

Many officials are involved in the diplomatic scandal, including the Mayor of Chishinau Dorin Chirtoaca.

Let’s see who is behind the building.

дом у посольства.jpg

The company Leiria Tur holds the construction. It was founded in 1999 by 5 founders: a company from Cyprus Hesperus Investments LTD (the major shareholder, 81,66%), Natalia Borets (11,2%), Adela Cazac (1%), Serdjiu Baranovschi (2, 77%) and Veacheslav Baichev (2, 35%). The director is Adela Cazac.


The investigation showed that the owners of the company from Cyprus are founders of many another firms and one of them – Etelma– has already figured in a scandal. It built an apartment house Panoramic in Valea Trandafirilor in the capital. The ecological expertize showed that there many violations in the construction: all the dirty from the parked cars after rains went to the nearby lake.

The another company– Best Fitness– built a fitness center Plaza in Baltsi city.

Let’s see how the Leiria Tur got the plots for construction.

The journalists set that in 2007-2008 Leiria Tur bought 4 plots on the intersection of the Vlayku Pircalab and Bernardazzi streets. In 2009 the company rented for 10 years another nearby plot and got the permit to raise there constructions.

The company united all the plots, received a certificate for urban construction from the Mayor’s Office and began to built the house.

According to the law this certificate can be received on the presenting of some specific documents.

The NewsMaker journalists set that certificate was signed by the chief architect of Chishinau at that moment Radu Blaj in spite of the fact that there were absent some necessary documents, for example, the conclusion of the National Agency for Inspection and Rehabilitation of the monuments – affirmed its head Ion Shtefanitse.

Штефэницэ.jpgSource: (Ion Shtefanitse)

That means that the certificate was illegally got.

Leiria Tur turned out to be a persistent player.

On may, 30 in 2013 the company required a permit for construction in the Mayor’s Office. At that time the Mayor’s Office has already received the complaints of the French embassy and so answered that would made a conclusion later. As a result the Mayor’s Office refused to give a permit.

Then Leiria Tur filled a suit against the Mayor’s Office and went to the Court of Central district of Chishinau. The court obliged the Mayor’s Office to give Leiria Tur a permit, the Court of Appeals of Chishinau and the Supreme Court later were also on the side of Leiria Tur.

On march, 14 in 2014 Leiria Tur went again for the permit to the Mayor’s Office and declared that it began the construction for its own responsibility. There must be an authorization number in the declaration, anybody knows what number wrote the Leiria Tur, because it doesn’t have the authorization yet.

All these were done by the firm in spite of the fact that the State Inspection for Construction cancelled the certificate for urban construction  and doesn’t allowed the Mayor’s Office to give a permit for construction. The decision based of violations in the documents of Leiria Tur. The  inspectors affirmed that the project didn’t correspond to the terms of that urban zone: there was no place for parking, the building was to occupy more that 45% of the plot and its highness was more that 10,5 meters.

Киртоакэ.jpgIn the 2014 the architect department signed a permit for construction, but didn’t give an authorization.

The Mayor of Chishinau Dorin Chirtocaca affirms that he resisted to the construction.

Anyway, the building continues. NewsMaker set, why.

The Court of the Central district of the capital came in sight of journalist again. The Leiria Tur was evidently in favor of the Court.

The judge Svetlana Vishku obliged the cadaster service to register the building like a “unfinished construction”. Earlier the cadaster service refused to do it because of the lack of several necessary documents.

The names of another judge form this court and the judge from the Court of Appeals Domnica Manole from this case were earlier involved in many corruption scandals.

manole.jpgDomnica Manole

In Leiria Tur everybody says they don’t have any problems with documents and sell apartments. The price of 1 square meter is 1150 euro, so the company will receive huge profits from the construction spending little money on the purchase of the plots.

The “French indignation”

The first who reported that the officials from the French embassy have to find another place to work, was the councilor of the embassy Jeremie Petit: “We felt upset because of the process of the construction and sent several notes to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Moldova. But it didn’t give us any results. Now we are forced to look for another place to move there our officials”.

The diplomat claims that the building of the house keep them from their work: “For example, the workers come in the morning and block the road. There is very noisy, the vibrancy makes our work impossible”.

The major problem is, according to Mr.Petit, the fact that the laws there don’t work: “I think there is a common problem in Moldova– corruption. As well as the independence of the justice. In case of the construction near the embassy the Mayor Chirtoaca and the deputy Mayor tried to convince us that they had never signed a permit for this construction. From the point of view of the law there is everything right in Moldova, the problem is that the law isn’t executed”.

Gout-de-France-allmoldova-18032015-20.jpgSource: (Pascal Vagogne)

On the appearance of the problem the France signed an agreement with the Ministry of Culture of Moldova about the collaboration of two countries in the cultural heritage.

At the solemn ceremony the ambassador of France in Moldova Pascal Vagogne announced an opening of the two-day forum devoted to the urban planning in Chishinau under the patronage of the France.

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