Police Directorate of Chisinau organized specialized raids over the past week in combating economic crime, illicit drug trafficking, illegal keeping of weapons and ammunition and other types of offenses that may affect the safety of citizens across the capital.

 "During this period were involved the territorial Police Inspectorates,carabineer troops and employees of BPDS" Fulger"of the IGP, being assigned to patrol  residential blocks yards and less enlightened streets. At the same time the police numbers trained for this operation, participated in conducting several authorized searches of the homes of persons suspected of crimes such as storage and consumption of drugs - 18 cases, holding illegal weapons and ammunition - 5 cases, plantations of hemp - 94 cases. As a result, police responded to 543 "902"calls, made by citizens, 6 people being detained for crimes, 35 people arrested, that were declared in criminal prosecution. Out of a total 164 offenses reported to the police, there have been identified and detained 114 people suspected, in the other cases the further investigation actions were carried out." Informs the Police Directorate of Chisinau.

During the same period, they were made 648 minutes for various offenses, with fines amounting to MDL 320.950. Also during this period Sector Officers organized 66 meetings with the citizens concerning familiarity with safety measures of material goods.

At the same time 610 buildings were visited operators storage of material with submitting recommendations on strengthening the technical installation of alarm systems to prevent thefts of this kind.

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