A 39-year-old Moldovan citizen received severe burns on 100 % of the body surface in a work accident at the Acciaierie Venete plant in Padova, Italy.

The man, together with three other people, was trying to move a container of steel heated to 1,600 degrees, but the construction failed.

The incident occurred on Sunday, May 13, at around 7:30. The Italian press notes that among the victims there is also a Romanian citizen, 43, who is in a very grave condition. At the same time, a 35-year-old Italian and a 39-year-old French citizen have burns on over 70% of the body surface. All the victims were hospitalized and received qualified medical care.

The Acciaierie Venete factory has 1300 employees, and according to ilgazzettino.it, the institution ceased its activity because of the accident.


source: lgazzettino.it

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