An individual from Şura Mare village, Sibiu district, would have killed his 36-year-old wife and 14-year-old daughter and then threw their bodies into a well. Following the committed crime, the man allegedly tried to commit suicide.

The crime would have occurred because of jealousy. Acquaintances of the couple declares that the 43-year-old man, accuses his wife of having a lover, and in the scandal their daughter took her mother's defense. The two victims were strangled before being thrown into a well. Once he realized what he did, he tried to hang himself in his own household, but his 18-year-old son found him and cut the rope.

After he found his father, the young man called the police saying that he can’t find his mother and sister. Following the searches, their bodies were found in the well, writes adevă The source also quoted that “the well is very deep and the firefighters crews were involved in removing the bodies. The victims have marks around the neck area, but the forensic expertize will establish how exactly they were killed.”

According to the reports, the couple were getting divorced, and they were supposed to have the last hearing in January. The neighbors say the woman was often beaten by her husband, and the last time he even threatened her, saying that he will kill her.

The man was hospitalized in serious condition.

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