Last week, courts in the country approved new decisions on granting amnesties for several people. Thus, people accused of abuse of office, embezzlement and pimping escaped punishment.

One of the cases targets Ion Harghel, an officer of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Moldova. He was found guilty of abuse of office, committed in his position of Lieutenant-Major.

According to the ruling of the Military Court, Harghel, abusing of his position and under the pretext of keeping the money of a soldier from a battalion, requested and received from him 250 lei, which he subsequently appropriated and did not return.

Additionally, Harghel, promising to facilitate the promotion of a soldier, who was on the guard at the Parliament, requested and received from him 200 lei, money that was appropriated and not returned.

Harghel also requested a lamb from another soldier, promising him to facilitate his contract- based employement.

The soldiers’ parents brought him the lamb, worth 200 lei, which was later given to the lieutenant.

At the hearing, Harghel admitted his guilt, asking the court to apply the Law on amnesty. The request was satisfied by the court.

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The legislation foresees a fine of 500 conventional units or imprisonment of up to three years for the offense, committed by Harghel, but he escaped punishment.

The judicial investigation of the army officer began and ended on the same day - November 17, 2016.

In another case, Botanica District Court of Chisinau amnestied two persons, charged with embezzlement of foreign assets.

According to the sentence, Vadim Malic and Sergiu Lefter caused considerable damage to Art-Granit LLC by illegal appropriation of its assets.

Thus, in 2014, working for the company, the defendants stole goods worth about 15 thousand lei from the company's warehouse, thus causing it a considerable damage. The goods were transported to a warehouse in Botanica District of Chisinau.

The lawyers of both defendants requested their amnesty and the court accepted the request, taking into account that they pleaded guilty. Additionally, the defendants reimbursed the material damage, caused to the company.


Of all the types of criminal crimes, the most numerous amnesties are for the cases of pimping, previously described by CrimeMoldova. The Central District Court of Chisinau approved of a new amnesty for such an offense last week.

According to the sentence, in the period of November 2015 - March 2016, a young woman from Criuleni, organized the provision of sexual services by various persons on the territory of Chisinau.

In this regard, the defendant arranged meetings with several young women in various places of entertainment, promising them a stable income, earned by provision of sexual services.

Having obtained the girls’ agreement, the defendant published several massage services advertisements on the page, indicating the girls’ phone numbers. The girls, being contacted by the customers, provided intimate services in hotels, saunas and rented apartments.

The money, obtained from these services, were subsequently divided between the defendant and persons, involved in these activities. The defendant allegedly convinced at least two girls to render sexual services.

At the hearing, the young woman pleaded guilty and the court decided to grant amnesty for her.

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