More lawyers from Chisinau are threatening to go on a strike, unhappy that the administration of Prison No. 13 in Chisinau, does not grant them access to the prison.

Many people are held in the prison under investigation and from various pretexts, lawyers are denied access to their customers. The statements were made on Friday, September 16, at the entrance of the prison.

Access of defenders in prison is limited by a recent order of the Penitentiary Department, which stipulates that lawyers, notaries and mediators will be able to come to meetings only after they submit an application requiring prior approval of the head of the prison. Furthermore, lawyers are required in addition to the application to show their attorney ID, contrary to the Criminal Procedure Code, the ID.


Lawyer Rodica Cretu, said she would have a meeting with her client to coordinate a defense strategy for the hearing scheduled for Monday, but she was denied access.

Nina Lozan, president of the Lawyers Union of Moldova, said that lawyers could go on a strike if this will be decided by the UL Board. "If lawyers will go on a strike, will be jeopardized the work of the courts," said Lozan.

A few days ago, UL sent a letter to the Minister of Justice, Vladimir Cebotari, in which they requested discontinuation of abuses committed by prison bosses.

Cebotari promised to take actions on the request of the defenders.

The leadership of the Penitentiary Department offered no explanation. 

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