The head of General Department of Education, Youth and Sports of the Municipal Council, Tatiana Nagnibeda-Tverdohleb, and the leaders of education departments  from all sectors of the capital, were relieved of their duties during an internal investigation on the rigged auctions case.

According to the mayor of Chișinău, Dorin Chirtoacă, the leaders of the education departments have no chance to return to their positions, and some other employees will be suspended by the end of the investigation process. The investigation results will be presented on December 19th. Also, the mayor said that one of the accused in the case of altered foods, fled abroad.

Tatiana Nagnibeda-Tverdohleb said she was not involved in the scheme and believes that much stricter controls were needed.

The head of the General Education Department said that “I do not want to defend myself. Maybe some stricter controls were needed. I also have five grandchildren, how could I admit it? Maybe I should’ve put in more effort. A single person can not check everything. When the interceptions will be deciphered, I will know for sure who shall I suspend from office.”

However, several parents protested in front of city hall against corruption in educational institutions. The mayor told the parents that all the arrests in this case happened  due to him and that he fights against corruption since 2007.

One of the mothers said “I have submitted many complaints about the food quality in kindergartens and corruption in these institutions. I even went to Mrs. Tverdohleb, but nothing was done. You know very well that both the directors and teachers of the kindergarten take bribes daily. The money is given openly, but does not solve anything. Why do we have so many people in the Education Department, when they don’t take any measures.”

Today, at 17:30, a group of parents will organize a protest outside the General Department of Education Youth and Sports from Chisinau.

Please not that 17 people involved in the rigged auction case, received preventive arrest warrants. If their guilt will be proven they are facing up to 25 years in prison, a fine of up to 8,000 conventional units and deprivation of the right to hold public positions for a period of 10 years.

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