The snow has taken over the Republic of Moldova. Almost 80 localities in the country have been left without electricity since the windy snow this morning, dozens of blooming trees in have been knocked down, and the traffic jams are on the agenda of the day.

Update 17:50 In 21 localities of Chisinau municipality are disconnected from electricity, and Cruzeşti commune is completely disconnected from the electricity and drinking water networks. Also, the number of trees that had fallen rose to 520.

Update 17:30 Chirtoaca explained why he cleaned the sidewalks in the capital. The Mayor wrote on Facebook as he checked the situation in the city and made access to several ways. "I did this on my own initiative and I urge the residents to do so as well. Everyone who can and want, please, give a hand to the services that intervene. It is a natural disaster, and people need help, especially as it is the first time this happens since meteorological measurements are made (at least 120 years), "Chirtoaca wrote.

The Mayor said that municipal services continue the interventions and will last through the night.

Dorin Chirtoaca stressed that everyone should intervene in such situations. "That's what everyone should do. And those who stay and do nothing, saying "Chirtoaca is to blame" that it snows in April on green and blooming trees, just that is how they behave, but you better go out and help each with what you can. That's how one should act when there are natural disasters," the Mayor said.

Update 16:30 235 localities in 17 districts remain without power. The restoration works involve 47 teams from Gas Natural Fenosa and JSE FEE-Nord. In Chisinau, 65 cars were damaged as a result of fallen trees.


Update 15:40 The Mayor of Chisinau, Dorin Chirtoaca, has started to clean up after the heavy snow that has knocked down hundreds of trees.

The Mayor was surprised in downtown of the capital, near the central park, as he gathered the branches that broke. He was not accompanied by any worker or colleague from the City Hall.

Dorin C.jpg Stafii

According to the authorities, Chirtoaca "cleaned" an entire sidewalk.

Up to this moment, more than 500 trees have fallen in the capital, several power lines and some lines of the Chisinau Electric Transport network have been damaged, and several neighborhoods remain still without electricity.

Update 14:10 Two trees have been knocked down in Botanica sector of the capital, and a tree branch has “broken into” an apartment on Zelinski street.

Sursa foto: Город без маршруток! Водители помогают пешеходам
Sursa foto: Город без маршруток! Водители помогают пешеходам 1
Source: Город без маршруток! Водители помогают пешеходам

Update 13:55 A tree fell over a car near the Cathedral from the National Square.


Update 12:45 "The situation is not catastrophic", the announcement was made by Deputy Minister of Agriculture Iurie Uşurelu. He said that cherries, apricots and other kernel crops are currently affected. The situation regarding the other crops will be monitored after this cold cyclone will pass over the territory of Moldova.

Update 12:25 Several cars are stuck in the outskirts of Cimislia. Six drivers across the country needed the help of rescuers in traffic. At the same time, another 5 trees were knocked down to the ground in the capital that blocked road traffic. A tree fell on Petricani street, and two on Ioana Radu Street and Kogalniceanu Street, on the corner with Tighina street. Also, a tree fell on Testemitanu Street and another blocked Gheorghe Asachi street.

Update 11:50 Moldovan Prime Minister, Pavel Filip, urged the Civil Protection and Emergency Situations Service to take emergency measures after heavy snowfall. Filip ordered the rescuers and firefighters to intervene promptly to help the citizens.

Similarly, Pavel Filip requested the Civil Protection and Emergency Situations Service and the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Industry to carry out an urgent assessment of the damage caused by the snow in the last 24 hours and to come up a definite action plan.

Update 11:45 It is difficult to travel in Chisinau. Several trolleybuses remained stuck in traffic after dozens of trees fell over power lines. Also, part of Alexandru cel Bun Street is closed because of two other trees that have fallen down.

Update 11:30 the trees are blocking the traffic not only on the streets but also the access to residential buildings. Several trees fell in the Buiucani sector of the capital.

Smirnova Cristina facebook.jpg

Source: Smirnova Cristina/Facebook

Update 11:10 Six more trees fell on several streets in Chisinau. On Academiei street No. 3, a driver was stuck and needed the rescuers' help after a tree fell over his car, in the middle of the street.

ala straticiuc.jpg
Source: Ala Straticiuc, Chișinău

The Civil Protection and Emergency Situations Service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs informs that 79 localities from 10 districts, including Criuleni, Straseni, Orhei, Ialoveni and cities in ATU Gagauzia, remain without power.

At the same time, more than 50 trees were destroyed in the country, and seven cars were damaged by trees and branches in the capital. Fortunately, no one has suffered.

Source: Город без маршруток! Водители помогают пешеходам

The State Hydrometeorological Service informs that the meteorological situation may get worse and in the following days the temperature will get down to -4 degrees Celsius.

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Source: Alexandru Vudvud,  Rezina

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