Buiucani and Rascani District Courts have recently pronounced decisions on the amnesty of four people accused of pimping.

The first case involves two residents of Chisinau, accused of inciting a young woman to prostitution in Turkey. They were granted amnesty by a decision of Botanica District Court of 10 November.

According to the case, in April-May 2013, the accused urged a citizen to prostitution in the city of Izmir, Turkey, assuring her that they would buy her tickets to the place of destination. Once there, she prostituted from June to August 2013.

At the hearing, the lawyers of both defendants filed requests for termination of the criminal case due to the entry into force of the Law on amnesty; the defendants admitted their guilt in writing.

Based on these requests and on the admission of guilt by the defendants, the Botanica District court decided to discontinue the cases against them.

In the second case, the defendant was also a resident of Chisinau, who had contributed herself to the offense of pimping. According to the case materials, in September-October 2015, the defendant, acting jointly with a French citizen, organized several young women to render online sexual services.

In this respect, the woman had several meetings with the girls, who were to render these services, explaining them the working conditions and promising them a high salary.

The defendant, Silva Jardan, was involved in an investigation carried out by Rise Moldova news portal, concerning the work of video chat. She was videotaped by reporters, while explaining the working conditions to the women. This recording served as evidence in the criminal proceedings. The French citizen, Philippe Cosyn, who also appeared in the investigation of RISE, is an accomplice in the criminal case against Silvia Jardan.

Similarly to the above mentioned cases of pimping, the defendant's lawyer filed a petition requesting termination of the criminal case in connection with the entry into force of the Law on amnesty, the defendant admitted her guilt and, therefore, by decision of 8 November, the Buiucani District Court decided to discontinue the proceedings.

Another defendant accused of pimping was amnestied by the decision of the Rascani District Court of 9 November.  Igor Poghirca was accused of pimping for having organized in early 2014 the supply of online sexual services. He rented an apartment in the capital and posted ads about hiring web models on pages like 999, Makler and anunt.md. He talked to several girls, explained them the working conditions, promising them a salary from 350 to 2000 dollars. In addition, 50% of the money, earned by girls had to be charged by the defendant. Illegal activities had been performed until June 2014, in that time he obtained an income of over 6,000 lei from their activities, money that according to the court decision, is to be collected for the benefit of the state.

In July of the same year, the defendant continued to practice pimping, renting another apartment in the capital, he acted according to the same scenario, urging to prostitution about 7 young women. His illegal activities lasted until April 2015, this time, the defendant earned about 40 thousand lei.

Like other defendants, Poghirca pleaded guilty, his lawyer asked for amnesty, the request was accepted by the Rascani District Court and the criminal proceedings were ceased.

Please note that similar decisions have been handed down by other courts in the last two months.

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