A group of 30 detainees from Prison No. 1 from Taraclia town had declared a hunger strike because they supposedly are abused by the institution's management. The head of the Prison nr. 1 rejects all the accusations.

One of the prisoners that is also on hunger strike said on the phone for CrimeMoldova that it is about those detainees who are under special protection as witnesses or victims in cases of torture opened on the names of former employees of the Department of Penitentiary Institutions. The inmate also said they are being harassed by the penitentiary employees with excessive controls, sometimes during the night, to get them to disclaim their  statements.

Viorel Perciun said for CrimeMoldova that this information is simply false. ”There is no one on hunger strike. There is no torture here and there are no witnesses of torture. I think I know who gave you this information but this is nothing but mental aberration. As far as controls are concerned, we have the right to perform them at any time.”

The lawyer of one of the detainees who is under special protection Natalia Molosag, said that she got several signals from her client ” I asked Ion Caracuian,the chief of Torture Combat within the Prosecutor General's Office to verify what is happening there. Perciun of course will deny everything. My client is a victim of torture, and based on his statements several guards were sentenced, including a prison’s chief”

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