Unannounced inspections of pharmacies in the country organized by (MMDA) Medicines and Medical Devices Agency inspectors revealed a number of irregularities.

MMDA found that in some pharmacies, the list of medicines and medical devices of social importance is not updated and are in no accesible place for consumers.

Also, several pharmacists at the request of inspectors, have not shown a number of medications because they have not been purchased.

Another irregularity aimed at informing citizens about the whole range of names of medicines, their retail prices and the diversity of international positions in the same common name.

During the unannounced check, recipes were discovered that were released by violating the rules for prescribing medicines. Doctors have written trade names of drugs, not international ones. Moreover, some prescriptions were shown on receipts, although the legislation provides prescription forms for them. MMDA already sent notifications to the leadership of public health institutions to take the necessary measures on doctors who have issued inconsistent prescriptions.

MMDA inspectors have issued more prescriptions and recommendations on removing the irregularities found. Similarly, the minutes were drawn up under Article 77 paragraph 5 of Contraventional Code "Violation of drug delivery," which will be submitted to the court for consideration and applying sanctions.

Within two weeks there have been inspected more than half of the planned pharmaceutical institutions being verified the presence of drugs with names and social importance of medical devices in the range of pharmacies and retail prices. Random checks which have already proved their effectiveness will continue in the coming weeks, communicates MMDA.

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