Foreigners who want to gain Moldovan citizenship, will have to have at least 1 million euros in commercial banks from our country, and not to withdraw them for a period of three years, in order to keep their citizenship, writes The provision was included in a bill to amend the Citizenship Law.

According to the source, the project was discussed today during the meeting of the Parliamentary Committee for National Security.

The author of the document of the SPRM deputy, Vasile Bolea. He claims that the new changes will increase the number of investments in Moldova.

The document also states that, in addition to the million deposited in local banks, individuals wishing to obtain Moldovan citizenship must have legal and continuous residence in Moldova for at least 6 months, to know the Constitution and pass the Romanian language test.

The source also states that the Parliament had previously voted a project, according to which, individuals intending to substantially invest in Moldova, will have the right to obtain the citizenship of our country. The document stipulates a limit of 5 thousand foreign people who may become citizens of Moldova.

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