A Moldovan driver, crashed into a bus full of people, when trying to overtake a car. The accident occurred at the exit from Raducaneni, Iasi. The impact injured 12 people.

The incident took place yesterday, November 16. According to ziaruldeiasi.ro, the collision occurred when the Moldovan citizen, who was transporting wheat, and was moving from Albita Customs Point towards Iasi, attempted to overtake on a continuous line, near a curve. The drivers of the two vehicles involved in the collision did not suffer, instead the passengers of the minibus fell over each other, most of them being transported to the hospital to receive medical care.

The Moldovan driver said he had tried to overcome a car loaded with wood, stationed on the roadside and that the minibus had suddenly appeared in front of him.

Both drivers were tested for alcohol content, but the results were negative. Romanian law enforcement officials opened a criminal case for injury.

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