The National Anti-Corruption Center (NAC) and the Internal Security and Anti-Corruption Service of the Interior Ministry (SPIA) take action following a scandal involving a Felicia pharmacy drugstore. The case is related to a pharmacist who has released by mistake another medicine, and a 3-month-old baby ended up in the intensive care.

The SPIA representative said they took action after seeing the video on the CrimeMoldova portal, which shows how a policeman applies to a activist Anatol Mătăsaru a fine of one thousand lei because he would have assaulted the pharmacist. Mătăsaru claims that his right to defense has not been respected, the witness's statement has been disregarded and he was not allowed to bring the video recordings.

Anatol Mătăsaru said he was called by a NAC officer who invited him to express his opinion on the case.

Mătăsaru was asked by Cristina Ţurcan, the baby's mother, to accompany her to the pharmacy in order to make her story public. There, the pharmacy chief attacked Matasaru and took his video camera away, and Cristina Turcan called the police. On the spot came Iulian Rusanovschi, the lawyer of the company that manages the Felicia network. He threatened with criminal files.

Nearly a month before Matasaru was sanctioned, Midofarm's administration asked the CrimeMoldova portal to publish a denial, stating that the activist was sanctioned for contravention because he assaulted the pharmacist.


 According to data from the State Enterprise Register, Midofarm LLC is liquidated.


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